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Advertising with Gumtree gives your clients a better way to reach a group of customers who are ready to buy.

At Gumtree Media, we’re shifting to a programmatic-first model designed to meet the needs of today’s advertisers. It’s a data solution that combines rich first-party registration data with buying intent data to deliver highly qualified audience segments.

Gumtree gives your clients unparalleled access to an active community that is in the market right now. By combining our comprehensive data with leading ad technology, Gumtree media offers mass reach across multi-screens that deliver real results for advertisers.

Gumtree Media

Rich Media

Bring your campaign to life programmatically

First-party Data

Ensures quality data to provide better targeting


Partnered with playground xyz to deliver non-disruptive, innovative and in view rich media executions


Optimised quality inventory in a trusted environment verified with google active view and integral ad science

Programmatic Guarantee

Provides premium reserved inventory to programatic buyers

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