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At Gumtree, we provide a better way for you to connect with your customer. Whether you are a small business owner looking to amplify your offering, or media agency expanding your reach through a bespoke data solution, at Gumtree, we’ve got you covered.

Our programmatic-first model is designed to meet the needs of today’s advertisers. It’s a data solution that combines rich first-party registration data, with buying intent, to deliver qualified audience segments. Gumtree provides unparalleled access to an active community in market with purchase intent, offering a targeted reach that delivers real results.

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Self-Service Advertising

Upload your ads to start a 30-day campaign through our GSI third party site now. Set your budget and target your audience with with as little as $250.

  • Set your budget and targeting
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Rich Media

Bring your campaign to life with programmatic advertising

First-party Data

Our quality first-party data provides you with accurate targeting


We deliver non-disruptive and in view rich media executions

Self-Service Advertising

Easily upload your ads to start a targeted 30-day campaign today


We optimise inventory in a google active view verified and trusted environment

Gumtree Guarantee

We guarantee premium reserved inventory to programmatic media buys